Monday, August 18, 2014


On returning to Shanghai after spending a lovely time in Tuscany I was determined to lose the pounds that had crept on due to all the pasta, pizza, gelato and red wine which had been consumed, and these are just a few of the delicious things. There were also the pastries, hams, cheeses and breads. So by now you have the picture.

Well who could resist all these delicacies on offer. Not me that's for sure.

So it was with determination to stay away from all things sweet or unhealthy that I began my first week back in Shanghai. 

Day one, no problems, lots of fruit a healthy supper and no desire for anything forbidden. Day two, much the same. Resisted a digestive with my afternoon cuppa, no real hardship. Day three, went shopping and found a new little cafe which had opened while I was away. I looked lovely so on my way back decided I should check it out. 
I ordered a low fat cappuccino, in my very best Mandarin. "Wo yao yi bei cafe, de ge nui nai" So far so good. I sat down on a very comfortable chair to take in the lovely surroundings. Lots of beautiful flowers everywhere, actually might be a flower shop too but not quite sure.

Coffee arrived, very good coffee too. 

And then it went so wrong! The waitress brought me FREE CAKE!!!!!!!
Well what is a girl to do? It's sitting there temptingly. As I was brought up to be polite at all times I knew it would be terribly rude to turn it down, lol. So nothing else for it, I tucked in.

Sadly it was delicious. I was hoping that maybe it contained something I didn't like. Often here there can be bean paste, red or green, sesame paste or almond paste secreted inside, none of which I eat. But no, this was yummy, I was being polite and I was enjoying the treat on offer. Plus it was served on a beautiful plate shaped like an angel's wing.

However, I wasn't all bad, I did leave some of it on the plate which made me feel better about having eaten it at all.

Shanghai really is a hard place to resist the temptation of food. It's all around, the smells coming from restaurants is fabulous. Plus the generosity of the people here. We are always being presented with foodie gifts or free treats. Not the place to be if you are trying to resist.
As I thanked the waitress or "fuwuyan" and started to leave she very strangely asked me if I would mind being photographed holding some flowers. I am used to having my photo here, they don't see many blondes, but this seemed a bit weird. However, once again, being polite, I agreed. She then asked for my phone and took one on it  too!
As I left, thanking her for the cake, and promising to return I couldn't help smiling to myself. I really have some wonderful stories of my time here. The people have been so nice to us and so generous, not the image I had in my head before arriving here. So I look forward to the rest of my time in Shanghai and wonder what this will bring.

PS, If you're wondering how the cutting back is going, not too great! Maybe next week ha ha.