Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I am what probably is known as a magazineaholic. Mostly cooking and home decor. However now living in Shanghai I can only get them on my iPad, and although I love still being able to access them it still isn't the same as flicking through the real thing.
However, I came prepared and had a backlog to bring with me. I decided recently, that when they were 5-6years old I should really start to cull them, but this was not before I had gone through them and pulled out recipes I had intended to make, but never quite got around to.
When my husband complained we never have dessert apart from fruit and yogurt, or when we have people in for dinner, I decided to give one of the ripped out recipes a go.
It sounded delicious, not to heavy and would suit both our tastes. Perhaps mine a little more than his!
The dessert was a Prossecco and Peach Jelly with a Passion Fruit Zabaglione. I knew I had 2 little bottles of process in the fridge, infact the only thing I didn't have were Passion Fruits, but that was soon solved with a visit to the market.
Soon the jelly was chilling in the fridge. Zabaglione was to be prepared just before serving. This is never a good idea in my mind. However I would see it through.
Having waited, with high expectations, I put the dessert on the table after 15mins of whipping eggs to make the topping. I was exhausted and made note to myself, never do this for a dinner party. Way too much last minute preparation. It looked delicious, very enticing.

Would I make it again? NO! It tasted ok, not fantastic as I had hoped. Basically it was posh jelly and custard. I think I'd rather have eaten the fruit and drunk the Prossecco. I certainly didn't make me want to rush and make it again. 
I threw out the ripped out recipe so I wan't be tempted again. It just proves that you have to actually try something before you know if it finds a permanent place in your recipe files.

So I will plough on, making my way through ripped out recipes and backlog of magazines and find the ones I want to keep and discard the ones that look better than they taste. This is a chore I will actually enjoy.