Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This is YoYo my Mandarin teacher. She is so nice, always smiling and extremely patient which is just what I need.

Although I've only had three lessons so far, I have to admit to really enjoying learning a new language. Once there, the time flies, but I still think of a thousand reasons why I can't go. Maybe it's because I haven't done as much homework as I should have beforehand!

Anyway yesterday's lesson was a good one. I can now order a G&T or a glass of red or white wine. So homework should be fun this week. I plan to do lots of practising..............

I am managing with everyday greetings, hello, how are you, pleased to meet you etc. Also can ask for what I want, that is if I know the word for what I want! A bit of a stumbling block. However there is a word, "zhege" which means "this one," so used in conjunction with "I want" it can get me whatever I need.  But as I have mastered the words for shoes and bag I am on my way.

 I can also deal with basic transactions at the market, although sometimes when I use what I know they come back at me with too much, and way too fast, so I have had to learn to ask them to speak more slowly. Numbers are not too difficult, but again they are often said way too fast for me to pick up. Slowly I am picking up on them though.

It's difficult, it will take a while, but hopefully I will persevere and eventually will have mastered enough to get me through everyday living. It is fun, most days, I know I will never be fluent, but I will have fun trying. And if it keeps my mind alert then that is an added bonus.

So for now "zaijian", sounds like, (zichien,) or goodbye as we say.

Off to do some homework, and no as it is 10-00am I am not about to order a G&T, just in case anyone was going down that route, lol.

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  1. Have really enjoyed reading your thoughts and comments on life in Shanghai. So glad you are addressing the vital vocabulary needed to keep you in shoes, handbags and alcohol!