Sunday, December 2, 2012


Had not expected to be seeing so much Christmas activity around Shanghai. As the Chinese don't celebrate Christmas I had thought, quite wrongly as it turns out, that it would be business as usual in the city.
But I guess the commercial lure of the season is just to much to ignore. So all around the city signs of the Festive Season are on display. From huge Grottos to a few bells and tinsel it seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love everything connected to the season. Even the shopping, although here in Shanghai this is somewhat easier than at home as the shops are not all crowded with hoards of Christmas shoppers It is really business as usual here, so no queues for coffee or lunch when out on the weekend shopping trip. It is really very pleasant surroundings in which to seek out these special gifts for people we love. 

If anyone I love is reading this please don't get excited by the photo above, it is only to let you see the decorations, not an indication of where I have been shopping. 

Even my local coffee shop has decorated the windows and is offering Christmas mugs for sale. I just had to buy some and was really delighted that the boxes they came in actually played a Christmas song. Think they might be recycled in the coming weeks. 

If you are interested it plays "We wish You a Merry Christmas."

I will not be spending the festive season in Shanghai but will be heading home to Scotland, to be with the family. I am so excited about it, can't wait to be with them. However, thanks to the world commercialism connected to the season I can start the build up before I head on home.

One thing that took a bit of the shine of the Christmas Spirit was seeing a box of Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers, christmas packing, on sale for 88RMB, in real money £8.80. Seriously does anyone want one so much that they are willing to pay this? Think, or at least hoping not.

So I will be happily preparing for the trip home, shopping in comfort, in reasonable temperatures, enjoying coffees and listening to the Christmas music being played everywhere. I will not however be enjoying a Cadbury Chocolate Finger anytime soon!


  1. I'm surprised that Shanghai celebrates Christmas in this fashion - it's much more festive than our local towns! Shame about the Cadbury's fingers!
    Hope you have a great Christmas in Scotland.

  2. Oh to have Christmas without the queues!!

    I just love the mug - and as for the music playing box, just down my street!!!