Friday, March 22, 2013


Hummus is something which features regularly in our fridge. It's the ideal snack to pull out, and if there is some pita bread around you have an instant nibble. We often enjoy it while dinner is in the oven, something to take the edge off while you wait to eat.

Why do I like it so much? Quite simply it is so simple and quick to make. My husband can call to say he is bringing someone home and I can have it ready by the time they walk through the door. Just leaving time to open a bottle and get the glasses out of the cupboard. Makes me look like a devoted wife every time!

All it calls for is a tin of chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, sesame paste, olive oil and seasoning. Quite simply it is all tipped into the processor and hey presto there you have it. It can be as smooth or chunky as you wish. If you don't like the sesame paste you can add pesto or a couple of pieces of peppers taken from a jar. A bit of chilli, or cumin can spice it up a bit.

A couple of weeks ago my husband announced, as he was reading the latest review from a food writer, that the best hummus should be made with dried, soaked chickpeas and that they should be skinned after cooking! Oh right I thought I must remember that, not!

However a few weeks later while I was making some hummus, this time I was organised and the peas had been soaking overnight. Yes, sometimes I do get myself organised and use the dried pea. As I boiled them I noticed they were slipping out of their skins. Then as I drained them a few more started to lose their skins. Okay I thought to myself, let's just put this theory to the test. After a quick shake in the strainer which facilitated a few more separating, I set to work. I really had just to separate the two things, the skins and the pea. It wasn't difficult but it was boring and time consuming. Eventually I had completed the task and I had a bowl of each.

So into the blender with everything a quick blitz, a check for seasoning and I was done. It had taken me way longer than usual, now to see if it was worth it. I have to say the finished result was excellent. It produced a lovely creamy texture, lighter than usual. Would I be doing this every time? Answer is no. Will I do it again ? Possibly. And if I ever have a Giles Coren or A.A Gill  popping in for drinks then I will go that extra mile to please. LOL. But give it a try even if it's only once, just to see the results.


  1. I'm really pleased to hear that you tried making hummus in the dried and skins removed way. I tried this once too (but only once) and I must admit that I thought the result was genuinely better, but I thought that I might be imagining it. I've really got to get around to trying it again. By the way, if Giles Coren or A.A Gill pop round to my house for drinks, then I'm definitely hiding in the garden shed until they go away.

  2. LOL Phil. I've never made hummus, so will try the method with the tin of chickpeas first. Maybe later I'll buy some dried peas and try the long method - or maybe not!

  3. Would probably beat you to the garden shed Phil! Glad you had the same results. Try it Snowy, from a tin it's easy and delish. Let me know your results.

  4. I made some today, and it was so much better than the stuff I've bought in the supermarket. So much more flavour. Maybe I will try it with dried peas soon. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Glad you tried it, it is so much better than bought stuff.