Monday, August 19, 2013


On a trip to M&S in Shanghai this morning I was excited to see a packet of mini jaffa cakes with a claim on the packet of only 125 calories.   " Guilt free snacking," it claimed.
When you are away from home a visit to somewhere familiar from time to time is good. A tempting offer like this on one of my favourite sweet snacks was going to make this a great day. Price? Immaterial I now had a deep need to enjoy a jaffa treat.

As soon as I arrived home I switched on the coffee machine before even unpacking. I put the shopping away and reached for the bag of jaffas which were going to make today a real treat. Then I saw it, on the top of what was a small bag, a saying which made my heart drop. "Contains 5 packets"!! WHAT......
How small was this treat going to be?
I ripped it open and out fell 5 smaller bags, I ripped one open and out fell 5 very small, I hesitate to call the jaffa cakes, onto the worktop. Not only were they small they were not in the best condition. the chocolate had "bloomed" and had a white tinge to it and the sponge was crumbling in places.

So what had started off as a tempting treat was looking more and more disappointing by the second. When I first saw the small packets I was debating with myself whether, for one time only, I was prepared to blow 525 calories eating the whole packet! On seeing the contents of the packet I soon decided they didn't look worth it.
So last step, the taste test. 
This only affirmed that one packet was more than enough. No nice jammy centre, instead a thin watery layer of orang flavour. No nice soft cakey bottom, instead a crumbly concoction, and the chocolate, well I'm not even going there. 
Saddened by my disappointment, and having eaten one packet, I put the rest away in the cupboard. Maybe one day I will reach for them, but not while the disappointment is still strong in my memory.

One of the nasty "treats" sitting beside a coffee spoon. So now you can see why I was not a happy bunny. lol.
Seriously though, maybe my expectations were too high, I mean how good can 125 calories taste in biscuit form? Maybe I was just too desperate for a taste of home. I should have known. Next time I'll stick to the full calorie McVitie Jaffa Cake which I know and love. Sorry M&S this time you lose out.


  1. What a disappointment; I love Jaffa Cakes too.
    I've made this recipe a few times when living in France and I couldn't find any in the English parts of the supermarkets.
    They're good - nearly as good as the real thing!

  2. Thanks I will try it out. Although probably better for the waistline if I give them up altogether, but can't really see this happening!