Monday, March 31, 2014


Can't believe two years has gone since we first arrived here as newbies to Shanghai life. We have spent two wonderful years, challenging at times, but the good times have made up for all of the frustrations we have encountered.

As way of celebrating we decided to invite my husbands team at work for an all British meal at our home. Well, we have been subjected to all sorts of Chinese delicacies, now it was their turn to be eating outside their comfort zone. There was to be 12 of us altogether but a baby on the way and 2 illnesses meant we were done to 9. So I was going to be busy!

This would be fun. I put together a menu which wouldn't challenge them too much. I would serve, Scotch Eggs with Pork and Black Pudding Coating, Haggis Spring Rolls, Beef Stew with Puff Pastry Discs, Fish Pie with Potato topping, Cock-a-Leekie Soup, Smoked Salmon and Salmon Pate with Blinis and Vegetables, Peas, Carrots and Asparagus, all very British.

For dessert I decided to make Pavlova with Strawberries and Mulberries and a Tiramisu. I've made these so many times I knew it would leave more time to concentrate on the main dishes.

I would serve it Chinese style. I wanted them to feel comfortable, and I knew the menu would be challenging enough. Chinese Style simply means all the dishes on the table at once. A challenge for me! I also set the table with chopsticks and cutlery giving them the option. They all used the chopsticks. 

Everything went well. The food was consumed with gusto I'm happy to report. A few beers, bottles of wine and a whisky or two completed a wonderful evening. I was so happy to see that they were a) willing to try my food and b) that they also enjoyed it. There was lots of laughing and lots of fun I think we all had a good time. As I always say, good food, good wine and good people around a table is one of life's big pleasures. Every culture has this in common.

These people have made our time here a great one, they work hard and enjoy what they are doing. They have made me feel part of the team and I am very grateful for that. Now they like my cooking and have asked if I will cook them an Indian dinner next. Chinese are not backwards at coming forward, lol. I will be delighted to do this at some point.

I have had requests for recipes, the fish pie was a huge hit, and also a confession that they had considered eating before they came as they didn't know if they would like what I was serving. At least they were honest.

I look forward now until the next time we do this and to another year here in Shanghai. 
Life is good. 


  1. Can't believe it's 2 years since you started blogging about Shanghai. Great menu, and am glad they enjoyed all your hard work.