Tuesday, July 1, 2014


In every situation there is a chance to learn. Everything can be turned into a learning situation. I saw this opportunity in the form of football, the world cup could perhaps have a plus side and actually provide the learning materials I need in order to help change an issue we have in this house. In the bedroom actually! Okay so now I've got your attention here goes.

While watching the world cup an idea came to me that could possibly solve the aforesaid issues in the bedroom. I hear the pundits, and my other half going on about the 4-2-4, the 4-4-2, the 3-3-4 and endless other combinations of how the game works. The offside rule apparently too difficult for the average woman to work out. So tell me if men are so good at working out all these scenarios and possible formations why can't they put the pillows on the bed in the right order.

It was as I was making the bed, and football was being viewed in the other room that the light bulb went on. Because as luck has it there are actually 11, yes 11 pillows on our bed. We do have a very large bed. So if I could apple the 4-4-2 rule, plus goalie of course, then harmony could be restored in the bedroom. I would never again have to ask "what on earth have you done to the pillows?" So simple, couldn't think why I hadn't thought of this before. Football speak, spoken widely especially during the world cup would surely be the answer to my problem.

I checked the "pillow formation". 3 on the bottom, 3 on top of those, topped by 2 in the centre. Then 2 on, (or up) front. Just leaving the goalie in the middle of the 2. Got it?
So what I have is a 3-3-2-2 formation. Easy. Could this really work, really be so simple?

As I passed on the news of how I had brought an end to the misery of hubby's inability to put the pillows on the bed in the correct order, it didn't quite bring the whoop of joy I had expected! I fear it never actually bothered him as much as it had me. But I have planted the seed, laid down a challenge with football speak at the centre of it, so all I do now is wait and see.

This rule could be applied to however many pillows are on your bed. Maybe I have stumbled upon the secret to a happy life in the bedroom after all. lol

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  1. What a great idea! Hopefully the seed you've planted will grow!