Saturday, January 24, 2015


As I see my hubby off at 9-00am on Saturday morning I see a weekend stretched out in front of me with a lot of time to kill. He'll be gone until next Saturday. Weekdays are never an issue as there are always lots of activities going on, but weekends are a different story.

I start pottering around, tidying up, plumping cushions, straightening magazines, you know how it is. Ayi was in yesterday so nothing major to do. Decide it's time to lose the pyjamas and dress for the day ahead.

Suitably attired to leave the apartment I glance at my watch and realise it is only 10-00am! Still out I go. I pick up some fruit and vegetables, a healthy week of eating on the cards, will see how that pans out. Lol. I pick up some bread, and while doing so I see a delicious looking chocolate croissant, or yang jiao bao, as they say here. Literal translation is sheep's horn bread.  I can understand that. Now on the way back I'm thinking of a lovely cup of coffee and the pastry nestled in my bag. Healthy eating can begin tomorrow.

Yep, just as good as was imagining. Kept the croissant cold and did the French thing, dipping it into the coffee. Delicious. With the papers downloaded I was a happy bunny.

Okay, coffee time over.

While the coffee was brewing I popped some beetroot into the oven. A pickling session would cover part of the day. I put fruit into a bowl. I love when the leaves are still attached to the mandarins, just makes them look so nice. Will be tucking into these all week. Probably need a top up mid way through.

But for now as I pick up a scarf I wore out on Saturday night, I could still smell the smoke from it. Can't believe how bad things smell after a night in a bar, or even restaurant here in Shanghai. They are trying to ban it, in fact, I think it is actually banned, but there seems to be no one obeying the ruling. So I collect a few scarves that need freshening up and gently hand wash them. Yes I do have too much time on my hands. 

Soon they are dry and folded and back into the scarf drawer, yes I did say scarf drawer. everything in it's place. I also have a glove drawer and sock drawer. 

Now feeling very happy with myself I glance over and see that the shoe rack could really do with a tidy. Yes, I do have a long day to fill. A bit of sorting, a few being put aside to be repaired, a couple for the charity store and soon my shoes are all lined up, although not all my shoes are lined up! If you get my drift. Another job well done.

Now to getting the pickling done. A messy hour or so and I have a few jars of pickled beetroot to add the my store. As there is some bread lying around which is past its best I decide to make some breadcrumbs. I do this all the time and keep them in the freezer. It's so easy, no wasting bread and they are always there. Sometimes I add herbs, or grated lemon peel. Give a nice flavour.

It's now 2-00pm! I have accomplished much, the day is still young!
Time to sit down with some cook books and a cup of tea and relax. I get engrossed in the books, finding all sorts of new recipes I want to try. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut with cooking and I really should vary it all up a bit more. Note to self: cook at least one meal every week I've not cooked before. Let's see how that goes in the coming weeks. 

Soon I realise it's beginning to get dark and I need to switch the light on if I'm to carry on reading. Of course I can now go and make supper. Simple chicken with a lemon butter and a green salad. Nothing too taxing. I do love chicken. I think my last meal would be a roast chicken.

I would even use my breadcrumbs.

Simple but delicious. Now an hour or so in the company of my friend the TV. Not such a great friend here in China, but you have to take what you can get. Only a couple of things left now to do before heading to bed.

There not such a bad day after all. Actually enjoyed it. Got lots done, went off to bed feeling quite smug with myself. Accomplished lots. A few chapters of my book and it was time to put today into the past and check it of the list as a happy one.

Now what will I do tomorrow ?????  


  1. You achieved a lot in one day. Love your shoes - they're so tidy compared to mine, and I have separate scarf, glove and sock drawers too. Must be a woman thing! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. You should have seen the shoes before I tidied. (-: