Sunday, March 20, 2016


My husband is out of town, which is not unusual, however he is not often away over a weekend. I don't mind being here on my own in the week as there is always lots to do, but the weekend is different, especially when it is grey outdoors. So I cooked. Got to get priorities right and a pot of soup would be great to have around when I couldn't be bothered cooking for one. It's not so much fun cooking for one. Using what veg I had in the fridge I made some "minestrone". Well sort of minestrone I was using up what I had added a tin of tomatoes and a tin of butter beans. It was tasty, and there is lots of it so I won't starve, lol. I also pickled some beetroot and put onions into soak to be pickled tomorrow. A very fruitful day.

When I got up this morning the sun was shining so decided a walk was in order after yesterday's day of inactivity. It was lovely to walk through the gardens and see Spring was well and truly under way. There was even the smell of fresh cut grass which was so nice. I love to see the Spring emerge and bring with it thoughts of lovely warm days ahead.

I headed over to have a coffee at a local Mall. They serve delicious coffee, and I am happy to say I resisted all the delicious cakes and pastries on offer. Not something I often do. Maybe the sunshine reminded me that summer wardrobe would be out soon, so nothing to hide behind. I have to say they were very tempting though.

As I continued through the mall I was surprised to find a new shop had opened and believe it or not it was the equivalent of UK pound store, or US dollar store. It did take me a bit to work this out, but once I had I then realised there was a lot of bits and pieces in there that I hadn't realised I actually needed to buy! Well they were only 1yuan. It would be rude not to.

I headed back out into the sunshine but on the way home I had to cut through yet another mall. You have no idea how many malls there are in Shanghai, it seems like a new one opens every week. Of course there is always something to catch your eye. This time some lovely sandals which would be perfect for summer. Only problem was that this time it was not a 1Yuan store but the name HERMES was over the door. I wondered if I dared go in and ask the price, I knew it was going to be too much, but still had to know. 5750 RMB or 575 British Pounds. This is the two ends of the Shopping experience and I know the items I had purchased had come from the bottom end today, and I'm sure my husband was even happier. I could have bought 575 items for the price of the pair of sandals. However, I do know of little man who hand makes shoes and I am wondering............, 
Well you never know.

As I returned home feeling happy after my walk and happy with contents of my shopping bag. I wonder if had would have been any happier had I purchased at the higher end today. You know, probably not, well not for long anyway. 
Here are the contents of my bag. All very useful I'm sure.

Monday tomorrow so normal social activities back to normal. Thankfully I do not often have to spend weekends alone here in Shanghai.



  1. Great to see you back blogging, and I like the new look.Your purchases look interesting!