Monday, April 27, 2015


One thing about living in Shanghai is that it never gets boring. Even after three years I haven't become complacent about living in this city. The buildings still amaze me, the lights on the buildings at night excite me, and almost daily I see something which astounds or sometimes shocks, but it certainly never bores.

Now the warmer weather has arrived, and it's still not too hot or humid, we love to walk along the river. The river is a five minute walk from the apartment. Sunday we did just this and in today's blog I want to show you a few of the sights we encountered on our walk.

          The first sight we came across I have to say shocked. I'm sure you will agree with me.

Turtle is a delicacy here. One I have never tried, and have no plans to anytime soon. It is very strange that people sell them at the side of the road. Where did it come from, and do people actually purchase them from people like this? I have no idea I only know I didn't see any takers when I saw them.

On we went to the river and the sight as you come through the trees is beautiful. One I could never tire of. The buildings on The Bund on the opposite bank and in front of us a busy working river. As we walk along the river we see a very normal sight here in Shanghai and that is people asleep wherever they find somewhere to lie down. There were so many people enjoying a nap in the sun. Not a bad place to nap really.

Then in front of me is one of the most iconic buildings in Shanghai. The one everyone recognises as being Shanghai. It appears in movies, in ads and in fact whenever Shanghai is featured this is the backdrop that is used. It used to be the highest building at one time but now it is dwarfed by all the new tall buildings springing up.

Now one of the most often  spotted western icons here in Shanghai.

It was the perfect place to stop for a coffee as it faces the river. A very pleasant place to sit and watch Shanghai people taking a stroll on a Sunday morning. With the sun shining I felt, as I often do here, as if I am holiday. We sat for some time taking it all in.

We eventually arrived at the Mall and I still find it hard to believe that the whole front of the building is restaurants. It is not unusual here in Shanghai to go for nice dinner in a Mall. Some of the really good eating places are located here. Even Mortons has a restaurant in a Mall. It's something you would never think of doing at home as they tend to be fast food outlets in these locations, but not here. I still find it strange to head to a Mall for night out in a restaurant. Don't think I'll ever really get used to it.

This is half way on our walk so we leave the river and head to another mall where I plan to buy something tasty for lunch. Perhaps what I saw on the shelves here was the most unexpected encounter of the day. And in case you're wondering I had to buy even although they were ridiculously  expensive. I couldn't not have. Right?

Soon we were home and making our way through the gardens of the complex where our apartment is located. This time of year they are beautiful. Everything is bursting into colour, the trees are brightest of greens and the grass lovely and lush.


 As we wander past the pool I look forward to summer when the pool is open and I can enjoy it once again. Cannot believe just how lucky I am to be able to enjoy all of this on my doorstep.

Back home to enjoy a very European type lunch, eaten in Shanghai and prepared by a Scot.

 It's all here to be enjoyed, and I really don't think I have too much to complain about. Also I can't see myself every tiring of this amazing city which for a few more years I will be calling home.


  1. Starbucks and haggis crisps aren't what I expected in Shanghai but I suppose I didn't know what to expect. Back in the 1980s I remember a shopping mall in London had a very good French restaurant. I loved the food but the location always felt odd. It was replaced by a burger place after a couple of years.

  2. What a lovely place to take a stroll. Did you enjoy the crisps?

  3. Those potato crisps are made about 5 miles from me! Hope you are well. x