Wednesday, April 12, 2017


For those of you who read my blog you will know I have recently been on a Thai cooking class. Lots of fun and lots of good information, but the highlight of the class was the wonderful mortar and pestle  that was being used. It was wooden, large and very beautiful. I had M&P envy!

The dressing was made in this then the salad ingredients added and the whole thing was put in the centre of the table. I so needed one!

It had been bought in Thailand but was assured they could be purchased online here in China. Taobao which is the Chinese equivalent of Amazon was where I would find it. However, trying to navigate it is not so easy but luckily my husband has someone at work who helps out with it when necessary. 
Three days later the box arrives, I am so excited. Box does seem somewhat large but guessed there was a lot of packaging protecting it. When I finally got to open I was in for quite a surprise.
It was huge, and I mean really huge! Barely able to lift it out of the box I couldn't stop laughing at the size of it. 

It was beautiful, there was no doubting that, but I think my envy had come back to bite me. The mortar is like a small baseball bat and if I ever use it I will have to stand on a box to reach up to it. 
As you can see in the photo below it will take some dexterity and strength to ever actually use it. 

Wherever it ends up it will be a great conversation piece and a wonderful memory from my time spent in China, but most of a lesson on envying another person's mortar and pestle lol.


  1. Very, very impressive. I don't think I could fit that into my kitchen. In fact, I could probably build a kitchen inside it.

  2. Ha ha love it!! But think I will ask Payal to order mine xx

  3. Wow, that's very impressive, and the mortar will come in handy if you have any burglars!!