Monday, April 23, 2012


July 2011 saw me on my first trip to Shanghai. My husband had been making regular business trips, but this was to be my first time.

We were going to attend the wedding of a colleague. So it was with great excitement I stepped on to the plane. 11 hours later we touched down in a hot and humid Shanghai. It was still only 9-30 am but the thermometer was hitting high 30's!

A trip to the hotel, a snatched few hours sleep, and it was on our way to the wedding. I had already realised with the humidity I would be fighting a losing battle with my hair, no point in fighting it.

So off we went. My husband resplendent in his kilt, little did we know that this would result in more photographs of him being taken than of the bride and groom. Added to that, a blond with, shall we say ample cleavage, was also a rare sight in this part of the world. Never been photographed so much in my life!
Have a weird feeling I may be on some website somewhere lol

The wedding was fantastic, you can read a full account of it on

I was quickly fell in love with the city. People were kind, the place was so alive, full of energy and the energy was rubbing off. At night with the city lit up my love affair with Shanghai was almost complete. I can't really explain it, it just happened.

So now here I am, 8 short months later living my dream. An unexpected offer of a transfer for my husband set the wheels in motion. What was once just a dream was about to become a reality.

Will it live up to the dream? Watch this space.

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