Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hope you enjoy the view from my sitting room window!

Moved into apartment with six large suitcases, some towels and bedding and enough china and crockery for two of us. Place is furnished, I wish I could say comfortably, but sofa is definitely a case of style over comfort and it is probably the hardest bed I’ve ever slept on, but, as it is only for a stop gap until our own stuff turns up, probably in around 6 weeks. I’m sure I can put up with it.

It's great having an apartment ready and waiting. A couple of trips earlier in the year secured us a 14th floor, 3 bedroomed, 2 bathroomed + study. Really happy with it. Especially the location. Right in the heart of the city.

After everything was dropped off we were taken, by Jack, our driver to do a big shop. Not used to someone opening car doors and sitting waiting for me but I’m going to have to get used to it, as I’m sure I will, as Jack will be my main mode of transport around town.

The shop was a little testing, and for my husband I think best described as traumatic! I was happy wandering around trying to work out what was what, and wondering what I could do with all the wonderful produce on offer. Strange though when you are seeing things which you have no idea, what they are or even what you would do with it. I have a lot to learn here.
However, with 2 overflowing trolleys and it costing about £200 we weren’t complaining. Hate to think what it would have cost at home.

We finished the day off in a restaurant around the corner from us. We were tired, hungary but very happy. It was a Chinese of course. Place was not pretty, but really busy. I was also a bit concerned to see, for the first time, dog on the menu. However, what we ordered was delicious, if a bit hotter than we had eaten previously. This will be a great little local for us, and it is cheap.
Exhausted we fell into bed and at that point realised how uncomfortable it was. Hey ho!

Holiday here today, Tomb Sweeping Day................
So, for us it was good. A chance to explore the city around our apartment. We were amazed at just how central we were .We began by visiting our local market. Managed to buy bags of fruit and vegetables, very cheaply. The people were amazing and kept asking us to try things. I could see durian fruit on sale, one of the smelliest fruits around. Fortunately was not offered it. Whew!
First attempt a success. I think I’m going to like shopping there. For today I stuck to fruit and veg, decided against any of the live produce on offer. Mainly fish, shellfish, turtles, frogs and chickens. Another day perhaps.
And yes these are live frogs for sale, for food!

Well, another successful day. Tomorrow reality will begin. My first day alone and Robin at work. This is where my new life really begins.

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