Friday, April 27, 2012


Had a wonderful lunch yesterday at Shanghai Slim's. It was a perfect day, the sun was shining and I was looking forward to meeting some new people, and a lunch club seemed like the perfect place. When I arrived there were already three ladies there. The table was set outside in a lovely courtyard, I could have been anywhere as there was none of the old Shanghai charm, but still a beautiful location. The other ladies introduced themselves, one was an American, an Aussie and the third a Kiwi, so this was truly going to be an international group. The rest of the group arrived, 12 in all and the afternoon began. We were all brought a glass of wine to start off the lunch. A starter of mushroom soup with truffle oil, which was delicious, was served, and in the middle of the table were bowls of salad and warm breads. A nice touch. Another white wine was served. At this point we were told we had to guess which wine, and from where, we were drinking. Hadn't realised there was a competition. Anyway I gave it my best guesses. But by the end of the meal had realised they weren't quite good enough. Obviously some serious wine drinkers here.
As we were being served a red for mains I opted for the filet mingon. Again quite delicious. Realised this was the first red meat I'd eaten since arriving in Shanghai almost a month ago. I did enjoy it.
To finish another white wine and a soft and creamy tiramasu. Didn't like the wine with the pud, but each on there own merits no problem.
Had a wonderful afternoon, although not sure I recommend all that wine in the heat of the day, but as we were under shades it seemed okay. So good food, good company and a few follow ups, beginning with a supper next week with Kathy, the Kiwi, who is going to introduce me to someone who lives in my building. Although initial contact with new groups of people can be intimidating, the thing I always remember is that people are the same all over the world. People you will like, people you may not like and who may not like you, but somewhere there are new friends out there. Just takes a wee bit of effort to search them out. This effort can reap some wonderful rewards, and some life long friendships, which will not suffer from thousands of miles in between.

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