Thursday, July 12, 2012


Ever since arriving here in Shanghai I have been hearing what I thought sounded like the chimes of the ice cream van.

Day after day I would hear the music, and occasionally the tune of "Happy Birthday" would chime out. I would run to the balcony to try and see this, as what I thought would be, ice cream van. But always in vain. No sign of anything selling ice cream, or even anything resembling any kind of van that would be selling it's wares.

Also being as it was usually around 10-00am I would be alerted to the sound, I was confused as to why they would be selling ice cream at this time in the morning. Not that ice cream at any time would be a problem!!!

I asked around, was met with puzzled looks. No ice cream sellers in vans around Shanghai. What could I be hearing?

Then one day it all became clear. The sound I was hearing was the sound of the road cleaner. It would come around in the morning sweeping and washing the roads as it chimed out it's tunes. Disappointing in one respect, but also great to hear the sound of the roads being washed while accompanied by a pleasant tune. Also you could request "Happy Birthday" to be played. Love the idea.

Only problem is that when I say it washes the roads, it's not only the roads that get washed, the water is a powerful jet projected from front and sides of the truck, the pavements also get cleaned, and if you happen to walking past at the time, then your feet and most of your legs will also come in for a soaking. I soon learned to jump well clear of the van playing music. Cars going through puddles are nothing compared to this.

So now I know,  just have to find who to call when I want "Happy Birthday" played. I wonder if the take other requests?

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  1. I had to chuckle reading this one. Happy Birthday, lol. It's a good idea :)