Sunday, July 15, 2012


Gin Cocktail
Happy hour is a fairly important facet of ex-pat life here in Shanghai. Everyone has their favourite hang out, and they are always willing to share their knowledge of the best places to visit.

On my first visit to my doctor we spent 10 minutes discussing why I was there, I was a new patient and just needed to register, and the 40 minutes were spent dispensing, not prescriptions but her knowledge of the best happy hours in town! On reflection, maybe it was the best medicine she was prescribing me. I like to think so anyway lol.

Until recently we hadn't really got around to the cocktail habit here in Shanghai, but then my daughter and her husband arrived. A perfect opportunity to start our voyage of discovery.

First attempt was THE HOUSE OF ROOSEVELT. This is a wonderful building sitting on The Bund, across the Haungpu river from where we live. We headed straight to the 9th floor and stepped out on to a beautiful terrace complete with live music and the most amazing views of the city. A view which included our apartment building. Had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, and this really was to be home for me for the next few years.

We were too late for happy hour but the venue more than made up for it. What could be better than a hot summer's night spent sipping cocktails on a deck looking across to where you live.

The time passed quickly with visiting family and soon their last night arrived. So where better to enjoy their last night in the city than in the highest bar in the world!  100 Century Avenue  This is located on the 97th floor of The Park Hyatt Hotel. We entered a magnificent foyer, a huge contemporary area with nothing there except for the amazing design concept. I loved it. The lift quickly had us stepping out on to the 97th floor. Sadly there were no free tables by the windows, but we were still able to see the views. We ordered our cocktails and a few snacks. This time we had caught happy hour.

Amazingly, as soon as a table by the window was vacated the waiter came across and asked if we wanted to move. So we did get our seat by the window, we ordered another cocktail and sat and enjoyed the wonderful panorama spreading out below us. We really felt like we were on top of the world. The staff were friendly and efficient and really made us feel welcome. Something tells me I will be back here! After all it is merely a 10 minute walk from our apartment, our local really!!!!

It is so strange looking out from these great venues and being able to pick out where we are living. I just cannot believe how lucky I am. Not only being here in Shanghai, but being able to enjoy our good fortune with family and friends. We are having lots of people come and visit and I will never tire of showing them this great city.

We decided to do one more bar before heading home. This time we crossed the road to visit CLOUD 9 which is located in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Another amazing entrance, but sadly no warm welcome and although there were seats free by the windows we were told they were for six, and as we were only four we could not sit there. Another table for four was apparently reserved. We left one hour later and still the window tables were empty. I just cannot see the reasoning for this and for me it will be my first and last visit. The staff were unhelpful, disinterested and really spoiled the atmosphere. So different from our experience at 100 Century Avenue.

So a great night, we didn't let the bad service at Flair spoil it, but I know where I will be heading for my cocktail this Friday night. No contest.

Cheers everyone. Looking forward to seeing some of you here enjoying a cocktail or two with you. Come and visit this wonderful city I know you will love it just as much as I do.


  1. Drinks at the highest bar was great, although I think the terrace at the Roosevelt was my favourite.

  2. It all sounds so good. Shame about the service in Cloud 9.
    Cheers anyway, and here's to the next time! x