Friday, May 4, 2012


How different my fruit bowl is looking here. There are still bananas, apples oranges etc but there are a few new editions. Mangosteens and dragon fruit this week. I love the creamy sweetness of the mangosteen, but I have to say can't see that I'll be buying dragon fruit again any time soon. It's totally tasteless. Beautiful yes, but the favour does not fulfill the promise of how it looks. A perfect case of style over substance. ..
I have yet to pluck up the courage to buy a durian fruit, I think the smell of them in the shops is enough to put me off. One day soon I'll be brave and buy one and see if beneath that horrible stench lies anything which is palatable. I doubt it. However I may be proved wrong as many people here love it. Watch this space.


  1. Try the red dragonfruit if you see it Jacqui. It's luscious and deep red within:) MUCH more yummy - no comparison in fact as there IS flavour in the red ones:D

    1. Never come across that one, but I'll look out for it.