Monday, May 28, 2012


A gorgeous hot Saturday saw us head over the river, to the "other side".

Shanghai is divided by the Haungpu, Pu meaning river. On one side is PuDong, where I live, the other side is PuXi. So literally East and West of the river. Here in PuDong is where the financial centre of the city is located. There are lots of new buildings, and lots of wide open space. At the moment the highest building in China is located here, The SWFC which stands about 1/4 of a mile from our apartment. Next to it is being built, what will be the 2nd highest building in the world on it's completion in 2014. We are enjoying watching it grow before our eyes. It is a fast growing and modern part of the city. I love it here. 

What will be The Shanghai Tower due to open 2014

This is what we can see from the apartment window. At night when all the welding is going on, it can be like looking at a firework display as the sparks cascade down the building. It really is amazing.

SWFC Highest building in China

Five minute walk from the home and I can be at the river. A short ferry ride, costing 20p will take me across to PuXi in a couple of minutes. Another beautiful part of the city.

This is where the old town is located. In recent years a lot of developing has been going on. Lots of cool new bars, restaurants and shopping malls springing up. Old areas are being cleaned up to make way for the new lifestyle, demanded by the young wealthy Shanghaiese people and by ex pat and tourits alike. It is a hip place to be seen. But the old town also remains with markets for anything you wish to buy. The old building and tree lined streets are beautiful.

Xintandi Area of Puxi
It is so relaxing walking around the old streets, although now awash with tourists.

It is what it says
Cool Docks is full of restaurants, bars and stylish shopping.

It's strange but people who live on the PuXi side of the river seem to look down a little in the Pudong side. One lady I spoke to said she had never crossed the river. I find this really strange as both sides have much to offer. They are just different. But then I guess in London there is a north, south divide with the Thames going on.

Taken aboard the ferry

I am very happy to live  in PuDong and also enjoy the luxury of a quick, cheap ferry ride across to experience as much of the city as I can while I am here. 

Looking across to Puxi from PuDong.

Making the most of these sunny days as apparently the rainy season, which is basically June, will be here soon. Can't say I'm looking forward to that.

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  1. It all looks and sounds so wonderful. What a cheap ferry! Used to get the Woolwich ferry across the Thames sometimes.