Sunday, May 13, 2012


Since arriving in Shanghai six weeks ago it has been hot. Hotter than I had expected for this time of year. I know in mid summer it will be 40c which will cause me to spend time indoors enjoying the luxury of the A/C.

But these temperatures I don't mind, it has been constantly around mid to higher 20's with occasional hikes into the 30's. One day it hit 36c, that was hot, especially for my fair celtic skin. Still I can just about cope with the heat, and I know all my friends back in UK will have no sympathy for me given the weather over there in the last few month, but it is the humidity which I find harder to tolerate.

Today is a prime example, overcast, high 20's with a 90% humidity, YUK! 32c forecast for later in the week, and still overcast.

One thing I have realised is I have to take in lots of liquids otherwise I can feel my energy draining away. I now never leave home without a bottle of water in my bag.

However when at home one of my favourite thirst quenchers is water melon juice. I had drunk it several time in cafes and restaurants and found it the perfect drink to quench that thirst. It's not too sweet, and full of goodness. Simple to make just a case of juicing the melon flesh. I have a juicing attachment on my liquidiser but I'm thinking you could probably just blend it and strain it .

Yesterday I decided to buy a whole one instead of my usual half melon. I was a different market from usual, a real local place located down an alley close to the apartment, and a very recent find. It was cheaper here than usual so I was very happy. But you can imagine my surprise when I cut into it and there was no nice juicy red fruit but instead  a nice juicy looking yellow flesh. I had never seen this. It tasted the same, only the colour was different.

So now I am enjoying my yellow watermelon juice, just as delicious but I am wondering if the nutrients are the same as I am always aware of red fruits being better for you. Anyway I don't really mind it is quite nice to enjoy the variety of drinks, and you know what they say, "variety is the spice of life"

As I look at the photos of the juice a thought has come to mind! With a splash of vodka, a squeeze of lime juice and a handful of crushed ice these could be a delicious summer cocktail to serve. Mmm!
Looks like I know what I'm going to be serving my friends throughout the summer. Cheers!

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  1. I'm with you Jacqui - humidity is the *worst*. Melbourne is bad for that, but thankfully not at this time of year at least:) Yes, drink, drink, drink! The yellow watermelon just looks so bright and 'happy'! Without the 'hint' of fruit on the side, I' probably expect it to taste like pineapple:)