Wednesday, May 23, 2012


MY Diploma in Mexican Cooking
Well here is the proof that whatever you decide to do, it is all here in Shanghai. A strange place to do this I agree, but I'm just taking advantage of all that is available to me.

Did I slog away for 6 long weeks, did I do an intensive class? Answer to both these questions is no!

I paid some money, about the equivalent of a nice meal out, and spent a wonderful 3 informative hours sitting on a stool watching someone prepare all the dishes, while being supplied with unlimited margaritas, stopped counting, or maybe last count after my 5th!

As each course was demonstrated we ate the results. So as well as drinks, we ate a delicious, chef prepared lunch. Angelina Ramos, the chef, was over from Mexico on a promotional visit, which I'm guessing tied into Cinquo de Mayo celebrations. She was very entertaining and showed us how it should be done. Made it all look so easy.
An appetiser of guacamole went down well, and was followed by a really delicious cold avocado and shrimp soup, which I will definitely be trying in the near future. She then prepared some chicken nachos with a green salsa and cheese. So good. A beef fajita was our final dish before dessert.

For dessert a rice pudding with orange, cinnamon and pistachio nuts was prepared. I'm not a great rice pudding fan, but tasted a spoonful and it was nice, and I know my husband would love it.

So all in all a good day was had by all. Good food, good company, a big basket of Mexican goodies, a set of chef's whites and a lot of handy tips for the next time I cook Mexican.Plus of course a diploma!
 I am thinking maybe this weekend I'll put my new found knowledge to the test in my kitchen. Only hope I can remember everything.

So I will be looking out for the next cooking event held in the Westin Hotel. Well worth the money for a very informative and entertaining afternoon.

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  1. That sounds like a good way to spend a few hours. The world really is your oyster there!